Rheia Duct System

Rheia duct system shown in a townhouse.

Rheia is a proprietary “home run” design approach that ensures predictable airflows to create a balanced environment throughout the home.

As a small diameter duct system, Rheia can be located entirely in the thermal envelope of the home, routing the ductwork through conventional 2 x 4 walls, I-joists, and open web trusses.

Rheia impacts the cost of a home in several significant ways.

20-30% of the output from a furnace or air conditioner is lost in attic installations. Equipment and ductwork located in the conditioned space of the home makes energy efficiency sense, lowering costs from equipment size reduction and installation labor savings.

The Rheia approach also results in fewer conflicts with the work of other trades, positively impacting plumbing and electrical installation.

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