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For over thirty years, Thermo-Cycler Industries, Inc. has specialized in energy efficient airturnover heating applications and ventilation solutions for warehouses and industrial buildings. Working in close partnership with quality oriented local heating contractors, we have offered energy efficient design-build solutions to some of the toughest heating, ventilation and cooling challenges that large open building areas can present.

Although we are a small, family owned business, we are proud to include many of the country's largest corporations among our ever growing list of satisfied customers. Properly designed and installed, a Thermo Rotation air turnover heating and ventilation system by Thermo-Cycler can offer employee comfort and energy efficiency that far exceeds conventional heating equipment. Whether your project is a new pre-engineered food warehouse or an energy efficient retrofit of an older industrial building with specific manufacturing requirements,

Thermo-Cycler can solve your toughest HVAC challenge or help you find someone who can. Get your construction project moving toward more comfort, greater energy efficiency and fewer headaches by calling 574-967-4200 to discuss your specific application directly with us.

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